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The ultimate small business Christmas shopping ideas

As we enter full on the Holiday season, here's a friendly reminder to shop small and early this year! Check out my Christmas gifts list featuring products from my favourite local makers to hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration.

A colourful handmade vase with two pink wavy handles.

As a tradition started during the pandemic when support for small businesses was most needed (not that we don't need it now), every end of the year I would make the ultimate gifting list featuring products from my favourite makers and artists.

I am a firm believer that handmade objects add an extra dose of happiness and excitement to everyday life. I feel it when I make my ceramics and when I use or contemplate the things around my house that talented artists have crafted from around the world.

For a more considerate Holiday season: gift handmade, unique and special! Here is this year's selection:

For the colour lover

For the self-care enthusiast

  • Christmas gift tags by Luiza Holub, £4.00

  • Handcrafted assorted soap bars by Soakk, £16.95

For the artsy one

Happy shopping!



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