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This side plate is made from stoneware clay. Its pattern has been inlaid into the surface of the clay, and it is finished with a transparent glaze. It is suitable for serving food.


You can complete the set with a dinner plate and a platter. Though there is limited stock available, it can be made to order in specific quantities.


Please, note that as every plate is made individually, colour tones can vary from each other. This is because the marbling is done for each plate.


It's part of a series of works inspired by my Latin American heritage, art history, and the need to reconnect with nature and rituals. Each piece I make tries to bring a bit of my own culture and vision of the world while adding joy to the space.


Because this is a handmade product, all measurements are approximate and may vary from one piece to another.

SOL side plate

SKU: Gl-Ex-SolSidePlate
  • 14 cm. diameter

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