Selfie of owner Victoria Gilles Fernandez


Victoria Gilles Fernández is a Buenos Aires-born maker based in London, who makes timeless and considered ceramic homewares.

the process

Her handmade ceramics are created using hand-building techniques, such as pinching, slab building, coiling, and inlaying, and each piece is unique. She uses colour and patterns to highlight form, taking inspiration from Latin American cultures and scenes, art history, heritage, nature and rituals.

At home, we cosy up with a hot drink, we freshen up the space with flowers and we gather with the family around a homemade meal. The intention behind these unique objects is to try to make these experiences a bit more thoughtful and inspired. 

Every object you see here has been crafted with care by Victoria. Peruse the newest collection to feel the sense of awe when getting in contact with handmade ceramics and get lost in their details and peculiarities. From vases to plates, Victoria hopes to bring a bit of her own culture and vision of the world while adding joy to your space.

Close-up of stained clay slabs.