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Exclusive Christmas tableware collection for Glassette

Prepare a cosy and playful Christmas table with my new handmade plates, inspired by the sun's warmth for when we most need it.

A table set with two dinner plates and two smaller plates, handmade with stoneware clay in orange, yellow, black and white.
Table setting done with the SOL plates.

A year ago, my brand was one of the founding members of Glassette, the new destination to discover unique objects for the home, created by Laura Jackson and Daniel Crow. Needless to say, it's been an incredible journey. To celebrate the first anniversary whilst entering the Holidays season, I'm thrilled to have been invited to make a capsule collection of tableware for their Christmas Shop.

My SOL (sun in Spanish) tableware collection consists of a dinner plate, a cake plate and a serving tray. Both plates are made by inlaying marbled stained clay in the warmest orange and yellow tones, conforming a central organic shape contoured by an inlaid black stroke. On the other hand, the serving tray is made from the off-cuts of the making process of the plates. After the re-wedging, the marbled black and beige clay is formed into shape using a mould and trimming the scalloped rim.

Though all the pieces follow the same technique, their handmade nature makes them all unique. The marbling process gives unpredictable results and adds to their quirkiness.

The collection is now available to buy exclusively from Glassette's website.

A handmade ceramic serving platter or tray, in marbled in black and orange.
The new marbled tray is the perfect size for serving food.



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