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Exhibition with FELT at Stubbs Studio

A series of handmade ceramics in exhibition.

Last month, I had the privilege of presenting a new exclusive collection for Felt Collections, a platform that delves into the intersections of art, craft, and life, purposefully unravelling them. The platform was created by founders Tintin Macdonald and Francesca Wilson.

For this special series, I crafted eight unique vases that explore the contrasts of colours and textures through various techniques. These techniques include inlaying, marbling, carving, and painting with underglazes and glazes. Additionally, I experimented with new shapes and larger sizes, pushing the boundaries of my artistic expression.

The launch took place at Stubbs Studio in Hampshire, where a vibrant gathering of 20 artists and makers from diverse disciplines, such as textiles, ceramics, painting, and photography, showcased their works.

The exhibition will be available online until June 25th, allowing you to peruse the collections and purchase any remaining pieces from the comfort of your home.

I would like to extend my gratitude to Felt Collections and Stubbs Studio for making this incredible opportunity possible. It is a great honour for me to share my creativity and be part of an event that celebrates the richness and diversity of art.

Two handmade colourful ceramic vases.



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