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This is a one-off, unique vessel made from stoneware clay. It can be used as a candle, crystals or incense holder to make yourself an altar, or put a tealight candle inside to create a soft light through the carving, or even showcase as a sculptural piece. It has been carved and decorated with glazes to create the pattern before glazing in a matte ochre glaze on the handles. 

This piece is part of my latest series "The Cosmic Dancer" centred around the need to reconnect with nature and rituals: a trip of the mind through textures and patterns that evoke the night before that day, when all is possibility, opportunity, chaos and beauty. All my work is inspired by my Latin American heritage, landscapes and the natural world. Each piece I make tries to bring a bit of my culture and vision of the world while adding joy to the space. 

Because this is a handmade product, all measurements are approximate and may vary from one piece to another.

Cosmic Dancer altar - marbled

  • H: 26 cm / W: 15 cm.

  • Stoneware

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