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This handmade cup is made with off-white stoneware clay and features a fun pattern made with slips and finished with a clear glaze. Hand-wash recommended.

Size: Height: 12 cm / Mouth: 9 cm

Handmade in London, UK, each cup is part of a series of works that draw inspiration from my Latin American heritage, art history, and the desire to reconnect with nature and rituals. Through my creations, I aim to infuse a bit of my own culture and vision of the world while adding a touch of joy to your space.

Please note that as a handmade product, all measurements are approximate and may vary from one piece to another. This variation adds to the charm and uniqueness of each cup, ensuring you bring home a truly special object.

Packaged with care, your cup will arrive in 100% eco-friendly packaging.

Mina cup

  • Height: 12 cm / Mouth: 9 cm

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